S. Ansar Ahmed, DVM., Ph.D.




(if applicable)


The Bangalore University


Chem. Biol. Zool.

The University of Agricultural Sciences


Vet. Med. Surg.

The Murdoch University, Australia


Immunology and Immunopathology


A.     Positions and Honors.

Positions Held at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio


§         Instructor in Veterinary Immunology and Microbiology, Murdoch, Australia

§         Leukemia Foundation of America Fellow, Division of Clinical Immunology, Department of Medicine, The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

§         Research Instructor (’85-87), Research Assistant Professor (’87-’89) Division of Clinical Immunology, Department of Medicine, The University of Texas Health Center at San Antonio, Texas


Positions Held at the Virginia Tech (Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University)


§         Assistant Professor in Immunology (Tenure track), Dept. of Pathobiology,Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine, VPI and SU, Blacksburg, Virginia.

§         Tenured, Associate Professor, VMRCVM, VPI & SU (VA Tech), Blacksburg, VA (’94)

§         Tenured, Professor of Immunology, VMRCVM, VPI & SU (VA Tech), Blacksburg, VA (‘01)

§         Director, Center for Molecular Medicine & Infectious Diseases, VMRCVM



            DVM (BVSc):

            Awarded all four academic merit Gold Medals (1977):

Ø       UAS gold Medal for General Academic Merit

Ø       Lions Club International Gold Medal 

Ø       Dr. S. Mohyuiddin’s Gold Medal for Veterinary 


Ø       Dr. Rajkumar’s Gold Medal for Veterinary


           Recipient of UAS MERIT Scholarship (‘72-77)

           Dr. Jawaharlal Nehru, National Award (1977)

            State Government Award for Academic Merit (’78)




Ø          Upgraded from MS to Ph.D.

Ø          Murdoch University Scholarship  Award (Australia)

Ø          External Examiners’ Evaluation Category:

                      “Approved with Highest Enthusiasm”(’84)

Ø          Murdoch University Travel Award  (to present

          Papers at IVth International Immunology meetings Paris (1980) and London (1980)



            Post-doctoral:  Leukemia Research Fellowship from the Leukemia Society of America, Inc. (1983-85)


Selected Other Honors:
 Membership in  Federal Govt. Study Sections and Grant review Panels:

(1) ALTX-1 NIH, study section Ad Hoc Member, 2001; 

(2) ALTX-4 NIH study Section, Ad Hoc Member, 2003;          

(3) IRPG (Special Emphasis Panel)/ NIH - 2003;                               

 (4) Special Emphasis Panel/ ZRG1 GMA-3 /NIH-2003;

 (5) XNDA-NIH study section, Ad Hoc Member 2004;

 (6) ZRG Innate Immunity and Inflammation/NIH, Nov. 04-05, 2004;   

 (7) NSF- Integrative Animal Biology Program, Nov. 01, 2004;

(8) USDA/SBIR–2004.


 External Reviewer for Several Research Foundations::

(1) The Blowitz-Ridgeway Foundation; 

(2) JW McLaughlin Foundation;

(3) John Sealy Endowment Foundation);         

(4) ASPIRES Grant Review Panel, VT, 2004.


Research Awards and Other Academic Recognition:

(1) Smith Kline Beecham award for Excellence in Research on Animal Health, 1994;

(2) Pfizer award for Research Excellence- 2003;

(3) Member, Phi Zeta National Honor Society and       

(4) Early Promotion and Tenure, 1994;                         

(5) VMRCVM Excellence in Teaching Award, 1992;

(6) Early Promotion & Tenure, 1994;

(7) External reviewer for promotion and Tenure dossiers from several Universities.

Selected Recent Invited Presentations: (Last 5 years only)::

(1) Keynote Speaker Animal Models of Estrogen Effects on Immunity” presented at: ISNIM/ AAI, Experimental Biology’2001, Orlando, FL, 3/31/ 01; (2) Invited Speaker Sex hormones, Immunity & Autoimmunity” presented at:  “ B cells and autoimmunity”, Satellite Meeting to the 11th inter. Cong. of Immunol,7/19-21/01 Bergen, Norway; (3) Panelist & Invited Speaker:, “Focus on Sex Differences In Immunology & Autoimmunity”, Boston, 11/8/01; (4) Invited Speaker: ”Autoimmunity and Cell Signaling: Role of estrogenic compounds., Vaccine Technology and Immune Responses, Riva, San Vitale, Switzerland, April 3-5, 2002; (5) Invited Speaker :Molecular Regulation  of interferong by estrogens: Implications to Immunity and Autoimmune Diseases”, University of Maryland Seminar Series, College Park, MD.,  May 1, 2002; (6) Invited Speaker:Estrogenic Endocrine Disruptors and Immune Effects”, NIEHS meeting, Institute of Advanced Learning and Research, Danville,VA., May 10, 2002; (7) Invited Speaker: NIEHS CenterMolecular Signaling In Immune Cells by Estogenic Compounds”, Galveston, May 6, 2002, TX (8) “ Estrogenic compounds Regulate Interferong: Implications to Autoimmunity”, Immunology Council Speaker at the John Hopkins Center for Autoimmune Disease Research and PAHO/WHO Collaborating Center for Autoimmune Disorders, November 5, 2002, Baltimore, Maryland; (9) Chairman of the Break out Group,  Translation Research: Systemic Autoimmune Diseases” at the Autoimmune Diseases and Environmental Factors, Raliegh-Durham, NIEHS (Sponsored by NIAID and NIEHS).  My role was to lead a group of nationally recognized scientists to identify areas of research priorities, present these for discussion to all attendees of the meeting and generate a document of recommendation of research priorities to the NIH; (10) “The Immune System – A Target for Environmental Estrogens" Presented at the Third International Conference on Sex Hormones, Pregnancy, and the Rheumatic Diseases.  Oct. 21-24, 2002, New Orleans; (11) Co-Chairman of Sex Hormones and the Connective Tissue Diseases I:  The role of Gender and Hormones in connective tissue Disease” Third International Conference on Sex Hormones, Pregnancy, and the Rheumatic Diseases. Oct. 23, 2002,  New Orleans; (12) “The immune system- the other target tissue of estrogens:  Implications to immunity and autoimmunity”  University of Virginia, June 19-20, 2003; (13) Chairman,  Translation Research: Systemic Autoimmune DiseasesBreak out Research Focus Group at the Autoimmune Diseases and Environmental Factors, Raliegh-Durham, NIEHS, (Sponsored by NIAID and NIEHS). Feb. 4, 2003; (14) National Institute of Aging – “Endocrine-Immune System Interactions in Aging”, April 12-13, Potomac, MD.  






Selected Peer-reviewed Publications  (over 65):


Verthelyi D and Ansar Ahmed S: Estrogen increases the number of plasma cells and enhances their autoantibody production in non-autoimmune C57BL/6J mice. Cellular Immunology, 189: 125-134, 1998

Boehm GW, Sherman GF, Hoplight BJ, Hyde LA, Bradway DM, Galaburda AM, Ansar Ahmed S, Denenberg VH.  Learning in year-old female autoimmune BXSB mice. Physiology and Behavior 64: 75-82, 1998

Ansar Ahmed S and Talal, N:   “Sex hormones, Immunity and Autoimmune Diseases- an update”

            In : A decade in Autoimmunity. (ed. Y. Shoenfeld), Chapter 38; 325-329, 1998

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Calemine, JB., Gogal, RM., Jr., Lengi, A., Sponenberg, P., Ansar Ahmed S Immunomodualtion by diethylstilbestrol is does and  gender related: Effects on thymocyte apoptosis and mitogen-induced proliferation. Toxicology: 178: 101-118, 2002

Calemine, JB., Zelenka, J.,Lengi, A., Ansar Ahmed S:  The immune system of geriatric mice is modulated by estrogenic compounds (Diethylstilbestrol, Genestien, a-Zearalanol): Effects on mRNA and protein.

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Ansar Ahmed S  Karpuzoglu-Sahin E.   Estrogen, Interferon-gamma, and Lupus” In: Molecular Autoimmunity. Edited by: M. Zouali, Kluwer Academic Publshers, New York, (In press) 2004 (Invited Paper)



Original papers  that are cited in over 100 peer-reviewed publications 

(Source: Institute for Scientific Information, Web of Science, Citation Databases):


Cited in 426 publications -Ansar Ahmed S, Penhale WJ, Talal N:  “Sex hormones, Immune responses and Autoimmune responses: Mechanisms of Sex Hormone Action”.  American Journal of Pathology 121:5 31-559, 1985.

Cited in 311 publications -Ansar Ahmed S, Gogal, R.M. Jr., Walsh, J.E. A new rapid and simple non-radioactive assay to monitor and determine the proliferation of lymphocytes: An alternative to 3H-thymidine incorporation assay.

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ASPIRES, Virginia Tech University Competitive Program


USDA/AH&D Federal Govt. formula Funds;         


USDA/AH&D Federal Govt. formula Funds


Lupus Foundation of America


Leukemia Foundation of America            

Arthritis Foundation