The Aquatic Medicine Program of the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine offers numerous opportunities for veterinary students, graduate students, and others desiring advanced training in aquatic animal medicine. Within the veterinary curriculum (Semester #4), veterinary and graduate students have an option to take a 2-hour elective focused on aquatic animal medicine and fish health.

Aquatic Medicine and Fish Health, VM 8494/BMVS 5764 (Elective course)

Study of the etiology, diagnosis, pathology, pathogenesis, chemotherapy, control, and management of infectious and non-infectious diseases of aquatic organisms, especially pertaining to cultured food and tropical fish. Pre: BIOL 4424, FiW 4514 or VM 8363 (2C)

Additionally, veterinary and graduate students may arrange to participate in Independent Study (BMVS 5974) or Special Study (BMVS 5984) courses that can be individually tailored to concentration on one subject area.

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