Diagnostic Services

Ulcerative skin lesion on the ventral abdomen of a koi.

Histology showing protozoan parasites (Trichodina sp.) in kidney of fish.

Bacterial sensitivities are used to show which antibiotics are effective.
The Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine offers a variety of diagnostic services to the aquaculturist and home aquarist through the Pathology Service of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital. These include gross examination and necropsy, histologic examination, bacterial culture and sensitivities, and parasitology. These services may be used for diagnostic evaluation of a disease occurrence, as well as routine health monitoring. Fish health consultation is also available upon request. Individuals needing diagnostic services are encouraged to call the Veterinary Teaching Hospital (540-231-7666) to schedule diagnostic services and arrange delivery of fish for examination. The submission of live fish (usually 6-10 fish depending on size and species of fish) is required to provide an accurate health evaluation.
Costs: (include necropsy, histology, parasitology and bacteriology)
For tropical fish: : $51.00 per case
For large tropical fish: : $65.00 per case
For production (food, ornamental, bait and tropical) fish: $75.00 per case
(As of August 2007)

Additional costs incurred for antimicrobial sensitivities with FDA-approved aquaculture therapeutics for food fish.