Welcome to the Yuan Laboratory Homepage

Lijuan Yuan, MS, PhD is an Associate Professor of Virology and Immunology in the VA-MD Vet Med's Department of Biomedical Sciences & Pathobiology.

The mission of Dr. Yuan’s laboratory is to study the interactions among enteric viruses, probiotics, and the host immune system.

The lab's research activities are focused on:

Dr. Yuan's Lab

 Some virology and immunology techniques used in the Yuan lab's research:

  1. Rotavirus particles in fecal samples detected by immune electron microscopy.
  2. Rotavirus replication in porcine jejunum epithelial cells detected by immunofluorescence staining
  3. Cytopathological changes in porcine small intestinal epithelium caused by human norovirus infection observed under transmission electron microscopy.
  4. Immune cell analysis and sorting by flow cytometry.
  5. Antibody secreting cells detected by ELISPOT assay.
  6. Real-time PCR melting curve for detection and quantitation of human norovirus.