2016 Staff Members of the Month

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Dean Clarke presents the Staff Member of the Month award to Nicole KandziorNicole Kandzior

December 2016

Nicole Kandzior Small Animal Spec Med Tech
Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Nicole Kandzior joined the veterinary college in 2014 from a veterinary clinic in Dublin, Virginia and has been an indispensable part of the veterinary teaching college ever since. Her nominator described how Nicole deserves recognition for her hard work while on the neurology service recently when she seamlessly handled more responsibility than typically required.

“She has been working on procedures that are challenging and has successfully navigated through them,” explained her nominator. Despite the added responsibility, “she has still managed to find time to lend support to other services as well.” In addition, Nicole always “has a smile on her face every morning.” Nicole’s work ethic and supportive attitude has a positive effect on all she encounters at the veterinary teaching hospital.

Dean Clarke presents the Staff Member of the Month award to Angela WebbAngela Webb

November 2016

Angela Webb Academic Programs and Event Coordinator
Academic Affairs

As the public face of the academic affairs office, Angela is always extremely positive and helpful to all she encounters, whether that be students, faculty, family members, or others. Her nominator described how Angela “is kind to everyone and realizes the importance of teamwork and professionalism.”

In addition, Angela goes above and beyond in all of her duties. “She has organized several large events, including the awards luncheon, graduation and white coat ceremony, and has paid such great attention to detail for each event,” her nominator said. “These events all went off without a hitch.” She also “engages the other staff members and keeps them informed with weekly staff meetings. This allows for everyone to know what is happening within the office. Additionally, this gives Angie the opportunity to address any concerns they may be having,” explained her nominator. This commitment to excellence does not go unnoticed.

Dean Clarke presents the Staff Member of the Month award to Tami QuesenberryTami Quesenberry

October 2016

Tami Quesenberry Community Practice Veterinary Technician
Veterinary Teaching Hospital

As a community practice veterinary technician in our veterinary teaching hospital, Tami Quesenberry has to be able to adapt to working with students, interns, veterinarians, and patients. Her nominator described how Tami has an “exceptional work ethic... She does an excellent job teaching students how to be diligent with anesthesia protocols and monitoring...[and] she is compassionate and provides superior patient care to our patients.”

Since joining the VTH in 2006, Tami has also worked hard to learn new skills and advance her training when necessary. She recently completed ICU training and during her first shift went above and beyond to overcome challenges and exceed expectations to provide the best care possible for her patients. “She has been an asset to Community Practice,” her nominator said.

Dean Clarke presents the Staff Member of the Month award to Amanda CarbonelloAmanda Carbonello

September 2016

Amanda Carbonello Laboratory Technician
Clinical Services

Amanda Carbonello joined the veterinary college in August 2015 and immediately made herself an integral and valuable veterinary college team member. Her nominator described how “Amanda graciously undertook rapidly learning and cross-training in Laboratory Central Receiving (LCR) in order to fill an unexpected staff vacancy. Normally serving as our molecular diagnostic testing technician, she has ‘taken the bull by the horns’ and excelled at learning all the subtle, crazy details of the LCR window in a super short amount of time.”

Amanda also “has taken great care to ensure that sample quality is maintained from the time it hits the LCR window until it given to the various lab sections for testing,” her nominator explained. Amanda’s consistently sunny disposition also does not go unnoticed. Her nominator said, “She is always positive and pleasant to work with and is always smiling. We are so lucky to have her as a member of the laboratory team!”

Dean Clarke presents the Staff Member of the Month award to Courtney SneadCourtney Snead

August 2016

Courtney Snead DVM Program Lab Support Specialist
Academic Affairs

Courtney Snead, who joined the veterinary college as a lab and research specialist in 2013, continuously goes above and beyond in performing her job duties. Her nominator described how Courtney has also “demonstrated remarkable professionalism and care for the success of students in their studies…”

For example, when veterinary students expressed concern over obtaining additional laboratory time to review course material for their final exam, Courtney “took the initiative and on her own time, came in on Mother’s Day in order to set up and oversee a review session for the students in toxicology.” Courtney’s exemplary dedication does not go unnoticed, and most importantly, her hard work enhances the experiences of all those she encounters.

Rosie Barwick at workRosie Barwick

July 2016

Rosie Barwick Veterinary Service Technician
Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center

As a veterinary service technician at the Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center, Rosie Barwick has to be skilled in many areas. Her nominator describes how “She… has amazing multitasking skills and can keep simultaneous cases with multiple doctors running smoothly. Rosie is also an excellent communicator and keeps everyone updated with plans for patient care, appointment scheduling, and details about the cases.” She is also extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of equine medicine.

In addition, Rosie inspires others through her own actions to treat everyone kindly and with respect. Her nominator explains that “This attribute in particular facilitates service teamwork, which results in the best patient and client care.” Because of her expertise and dedication to all aspects of her job, “Rosie is the ‘glue’ that holds the Surgery Two service together, and the EMC is lucky to have her on the team.”

Dean Clarke presents the Staff Member of the Month award to Doris Tickle Doris Tickle at work

June 2016

Doris Tickle Laboratory Technician
Veterinary Medicine Experiment Station

For the 18 years she has worked at Virginia Tech, Doris Tickle has been a hardworking, dependable staff member in whatever role she has assumed. Her nominator described how “She consistently goes above and beyond to help fellow staff, students and faculty.” Currently, Doris works in the Glassware Service Lab and “knows the glassware policies very well and will not hesitate to guide students in the right direction on lab and safety practices. She is also very kind and gets along with everyone she meets. When people bring items to the lab for cleaning or sterilization, she greets them with a smile and immediately starts working on the items they brought her.”

Doris is also always eager to assist fellow co-workers and students, including driving to other labs to assist with work when needed. “She is always thinking of our lab users and what they may need,” said her nominator. “Doris is very enthusiastic about her job and extremely hardworking. Doris encompasses all the qualities of an outstanding co-worker.” Because of this continued dedication to her job, Doris also recently received the Customer Service Excellence Certificate from University Organizational and Professional Development.

Dr. Michael Erskine here presents the Staff Member of the Month award to Elizabeth Thompson Elizabeth Thompson at work

May 2016

Elizabeth Thompson Laboratory Specialist
Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center

Since joining the college in September 1987, Lisa Thompson has always put in extra effort in her work as a laboratory specialist. Her nominator described how Lisa “is here on weekends and late at night to help with emergencies. She always has a good attitude, is helpful, and is willing to do additional things to reach a diagnosis on a case.”

Lisa is also always available to assist others in need. “She will always be happy to offer advice, teach people lab skills, and is always friendly and enjoyable to work with,” said her nominator. “She has been a hardworking EMC employee for many years and deserves recognition for her dedication and skills.”

Dean Clarke presents the Staff Member of the Month award to Harth Tucker Harth Tucker at work

April 2016

Harth Tucker IT Support Center Analyst
IT Support Center

As an IT Support Center Analyst, Harth Tucker assists the college in many roles. One nominator describes how “Harth has taken on the task of upgrading most of our conference rooms to help facilitate the growing demand for video conferencing. He has also helped to implement lecture capture in the large classrooms which takes a lot of time to plan and coordinate as well as maintain. He is constantly making the trip from one side of the building to the other to set up video conferences. This is often challenging as many requests come at the last minute. Harth does all of this while still providing computer support and assisting the other employees as the senior technician. He is always very helpful and has saved us a significant amount of money by doing these renovations himself. He definitely deserves the recognition.”

Harth’s other nominator reiterated this praise, describing how Harth “…thinks ahead, foresees potential issues and alternative courses of action… His easy-going, helpful manner makes him a pleasure to deal with.” Harth joined the college in September 2012.

Dean Clarke presents the Staff Member of the Month award to Ashley Snider Ashley Snider at work

March 2016

Ashley Snider Large Animal Receptionist and Fiscal Technician
Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Since joining the teaching hospital as a large animal receptionist and fiscal technician in 2011, Ashley Snider has taken on many assignments and roles. This past year, her nominator wrote that “Ashley was instrumental in the planning and implementing of the Equine Field Service Holiday Open House. She researched and organized the catering, updated and distributed the invitations, created and placed the tabletop decorations, solicited donations for the door prizes, organized clean-up prior to and after the party, organized for staff to bring desserts, and organized and manned the sign-in table.”

Ashley’s hard work contributed to the overall success of the event. Her nominator continued, “The atmosphere that she created for the clients in the commons was stellar and just representative of the overall effort and outcomes of her work. Ashley made it easy for EFS to have this event and we could not have had as great of an event without her. We had many clients and staff who commented on how well they liked the entire event.” Ashley’s primary duties also include scheduling appointments, handling telephone inquiries, and completing billing in equine field services.

Dean Clarke presents the Staff Member of the Month award to Allison Gallimore Allison Gallimore at work

February 2016

Allison Gallimore Fiscal Technician
Business Office

Allison Gallimore, a fiscal technician in the business office since 2007, is a valuable resource for other employees at the veterinary teaching hospital and Roanoke office. Her nominator said “When she is training new employees, she makes sure they understand all of the intricacies of the different types of packages and how they are billed. She is always willing to assist clients or co-workers in any area needed. Her knowledge and recollection of how unusual cases have been managed in the past to ensure consistency and adherence to policy is extremely helpful.”

Her co-workers also describe her as a team player in all areas. Her nominator described how “I have frequently seen her assist at the front desk in the mornings when they are short staffed. She is always eager to jump in and assist wherever there is a need.” Allison also helps with the accounts payable duties of the office and when the bookkeeper is out, she will immediately take over and make sure all orders and payments are quickly processed.

Dean Clarke presents the Staff Member of the Month award to Stacy Ferrell Stacy Ferrell at work

January 2016

Stacy Ferrell Fiscal Technician
Clinical Services

As a fiscal technician for clinical services, Stacy Ferrell is well-versed in hospital policies and procedures. This past year, she assisted with training new employees and is often sought after for procedural questions and advice. Her nominator describes Stacy as "a true team player. Regardless of what needs to be done, Stacy is always willing to help...if she is not working the counter but hears an upset client, she will quickly go to the desk to try to defuse the situation."

Stacy, who joined the college in October 2007, is also responsible for answering the business office main phone line. Because of this duty, her nominator explains that Stacy "frequently comes in contact with clients who are upset about the total of their bill, or the service they received. She handles herself in a very professional manner, even in the most difficult situation." Stacy also processes collection letters, discusses past due balances and payment plans with clients, and serves as a back-up to her supervisor for client needs. She is also familiar with collection laws and assists when needed in the Bursar's Office on accounts at the collection agency.

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