Informatics Staff

Wayde Shipman, DVM, MS

Veterinary Medical Information Specialist
Department of Biomedical Sciences & Pathobiology


  • 2003
    Master of Science (Computer Information Systems)
    University of Houston – Clear Lake
  • 1976
    Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
    Texas A&M University

Professional & Research Interests

  • Medical terminology
  • Ontologies
  • Web based systems to enhance, expand and standardize medical terminology

Professional Experience

  • 2010–present
    Veterinary Medical Information Specialist
    Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine
    Virginia Tech
    Blacksburg, VA
  • 1981–present
    Practicing Veterinarian and Clinic Owner
    Practiced small animal veterinary medicine in Houston and managed the clinic.
  • 2003–present
    Computer consulting services
    Designed, developed and implemented a web-based database system on the Linux platform using php, MySQL, HTML and Javascript. Maintained a FreeBSD server running Apache as the web server. Built, maintained and repaired Linux and FreeBSD servers. Provided web site services consisting of implementing and maintaining web sites for Association for Veterinary Informatics and The Landing Community Improvement Association.
  • 2000–2001
    Rice University, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science
    Developed interface to remotely control a mechanical engineering lab experiment named Spendulap via the Internet using a client-server architecture. HTML and Java applets were used to control the experiment and communicate via TCP/IP to a LabView controller. Results of the experiment were returned to the client and graphed.
  • 1977–1981
    Instructor in Pathobiology
    University of Tennessee – Knoxville, College of Veterinary Medicine
    Taught veterinary students in basic pathology and animal autopsies. Provided autopsy and histopathology diagnoses to the clinical department. Collaborated with researchers in the clinics.

Professional Memberships

  • American Veterinary Medical Association
  • Association for Veterinary Medical Informatics
  • Association for Computing Machinery
  • Veterinary Medical Licenses: Colorado, Texas


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