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Organization & Contacts

Contact information for the Information Systems Group is provided below. Staff photos can be viewed by VA-MD Vet Med Intranet members.


David Sampson
Director of Information Systems
(540) 231-2315

Application Development

The programmers/analysts provide ongoing support for college and hospital business applications in the following ways:

  • Provide analysis and design for new applications and initiatives.
  • Serve as a consultant on information technology needs and capabilities.
  • Provide programming support using a variety of different programming languages.
Blair Allen
Web Applications Developer
(540) 231-4715
Matt Anderson
(540) 231-5710

Systems Administration

The Systems Administrators are responsible for providing a secure and stable network environment. This task includes:

  • Backups of critical data
  • Maintenance and upgrades for the hospital and college servers
  • Software upgrades
  • Assisting the IT Support Center with network-related problems
  • Assisting Application Development with client-server applications
  • Installation of new server software
  • Review and implementation of security measures on network resources

  Richard Clutter
Systems Administrator
(540) 231-7908
Andy Kirkpatrick
Systems Administrator
(540) 231-2470

IT Support Center

The IT Support Center is available to provide you with end-to-end solutions and support for your everyday IT needs. Our goal is to provide you with full-time support of any state-owned piece of technology to help you perform your job quickly and more efficiently. Whether it be printing a document, editing a PDF, or trouble-shooting a cryptic error message, the IT Support Center is there for you. View a list and description of the ways you can obtain help or support from the IT Support Center.

How Can I Get IT Support?

Emails sent to automatically generate work order tickets in our automated system. Both this automated system and our voice mail are monitored throughout the day to ensure the quickest possible response to your request. It is our goal is to have someone available to answer the phone from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday (except University holidays), and immediately offer assistance. If immediate assistance is not possible, a work order ticket will be assigned with an expected timeframe for resolution. On occasion, all technicians may be out of the office assisting other faculty or staff. If you require future assistance outside of the normal hours, please contact the IT Support Center ahead of time to see if someone can be available for you when needed. If you are experiencing a critical IT emergency outside normal hours, please contact the Emergency IT Support number for assistance.

Kimberly Ascue
Assistant Director
IT Support Services
(540) 231-2791
Brian Huddleston
Support Technician (Full-time)
(540) 231-2791
Jeremy Larose
Support Technician (Full-time)
(540) 231-2791
Chandler Raynes
Support Technician (Part-time)
(540) 231-2791
Harth Tucker
Support Technician (Full-time)
(540) 231-2791