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University of Maryland sealThe Maryland campus of the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine is known for its strengths in molecular and cellular immunology and its nationally recognized focus on public and corporate veterinary medicine.

The campus seeks to establish:

  • graduate and post-graduate training;
  • world-class scholarly activities; and
  • critical and economically significant outreach and service benefiting Maryland agribusiness and animal owners.

The use of this facility for animal disease research is enhanced through collocation with a Maryland Department of Agriculture Animal Health Laboratory that includes an internationally-recognized fish health laboratory, the Maryland Racing Commission's Drug Testing Laboratory, and a Technology Advancement Program (TAP) partner, Cytimmune.

Opportunities for excellence at the Maryland campus stem from collaboration with existing University of Maryland programs and animal facilities and proximity to the Delmarva poultry industry and to the cities of Washington, DC, and Baltimore.

Developing partnerships within the University of Maryland System, with government agencies, and with industry offer unique opportunities for veterinary clinical residency and graduate training programs in poultry medicine, laboratory animal medicine, and applied epidemiology that include risk analysis, outbreak investigation, disease surveillance, and animal health monitoring.

Taken together, these research, residency, and graduate programs complement the Cooperative Extension mandate and expand the ability of the university to meet the needs of both the poultry industry and the animal owners in the state of Maryland.

Contact Information:

Siba Samal, Associate Dean
Kevin Lepley, Director of Administrative Services
phone: 301-314-7862
fax: 301-314-6855

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