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Our Quest for the Future

Dean SchurigThis is an exciting moment in history for veterinary medicine. Our profession is providing human-quality healthcare for our beloved companion animals. Veterinarians are playing a vital role in the creation of a safe and abundant food supply, and in an era of emerging infectious disease threats, our historic work in protecting public health has never been more important.

The challenges of the modern world require a great deal from veterinary medicine, and the students, faculty, staff and alumni of VA-MD Vet Med are working hard to expand and extend its healing touch. Working with some of the brightest, most talented DVM students in the nation, our award-winning faculty is preparing new generations of veterinarians for service. More than 2000 VA-MD Vet Med alumni are already practicing in communities, government agencies and laboratories throughout the United States.

World-class research programs underway in our laboratories are producing life-saving vaccines and new approaches for managing disease and trauma. We are building translational research programs to more rapidly apply the intellectual products of scientific research to the everyday challenges of clinical practice. And our graduate education programs are training biomedical scientists to probe the distant frontiers of knowledge.

Today, pets are viewed as members of the family; perhaps you have already heard of veterinarians referred to as "the other family doctor." Every day, anxious animal owners arrive at one of our two Veterinary Teaching Hospitals seeking the advanced diagnostic and therapeutic support that tertiary care centers are uniquely qualified to provide. And thanks to the skill and compassion of our board-certified clinical faculty-members, house officers and fourth-year students, our medical records detail many heart-warming success stories. VA-MD Vet Med has treated more than a million animals since it opened.

The province of veterinary medicine is broad, the challenges are considerable, and the consequences are great. Today, partnerships are crucial; veterinarians must work more closely than ever with physicians, biomedical researchers and other health professionals on integrated programs that take a "one medicine" approach to global healthcare for people and animals.

Here at VA-MD Vet Med, we approach our programs in learning, discovery and engagement with resolve, innovation and a spirit of collaboration born of the grassroots movement that led to our creation several decades ago. We invite you to explore our site, learn more about us, and join us on our quest to help the profession of veterinary medicine create a better world.

Gerhardt G. Schurig, Dean