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Our Team

Our department is proud to be the home to University Distinguished Professor Dr. X.J. Meng and two chaired professors, Dr. Tom Inzana, Tyler J. and Frances F. Young Chair of Bacteriology, and Dr. Jeff Wilcke, Metcalf Professor of Veterinary Medical Informatics.

Our current department-associated personnel include:

  • Tenured/tenure-track faculty
  • Clinical track faculty
  • Research track faculty
  • Adjunct faculty
  • Emeritus faculty
  • Pathology residents
  • Ph.D. students
  • Administrative staff

Department Roster

Please note that our faculty members are unable to offer medical assistance or answer individual questions about animal health and treatment via email. For information about scheduling a consultation, please visit the Veterinary Teaching Hospital (VTH) web site or call (540) 231-4621.


S. Ansar Ahmed Department Head ansrahmd@vt.edu
Patricia M. Goudy Administrative Assistant pgoudy@vt.edu
Monica C. Taylor Administrative Assistant mctaylor@vt.edu


S. Ansar Ahmed DVM, PhD, Immunology ansrahmd@vt.edu
Roger J. Avery PhD, Virology (Senior Associate Dean, Research & Graduate Studies) avery@vt.edu
Marion F. Ehrich MS, RPh, PhD, Diplomate A.B.T., Pharmacology/Toxicology marion@vt.edu
Thomas J. Inzana MS, PhD, Diplomate ABMM, Tyler J. and Frances F. Young Chair of Bacteriology tinzana@vt.edu
David S. Lindsay PhD, Parasitology lindsayd@vt.edu
Xiang-Jin Meng MD, MS, PhD, Molecular Virology, University Distinguished Professor xjmeng@vt.edu
Gerhardt G. Schurig DVM, MS, PhD, Immunology gschurig@vt.edu
Stephen A. Smith DVM, MS, PhD, Aquatic Medicine stsmith7@vt.edu
D. Phillip Sponenberg DVM, PhD, Pathology/Genetics dpsponen@vt.edu
Nammalwar Sriranganathan BVSc, MVSc, PhD, Diplomate ACVM, Bacteriology nathans@vt.edu
Jeff R. Wilcke DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVCP, Clinical Pharmacology;
Dorothy A. and Richard G. Metcalf Professor
of Veterinary Medical Informatics

Associate Professors

Thomas Caceci PhD, Biology, Histology elitist@vt.edu
Ludeman A. Eng MA, PhD, Anatomy, Cell Biology laeng@vt.edu
Larry E. Freeman DVM, MS, Anatomy lfreeman@vt.edu
William R. Huckle MS, PhD, Cell Biology/Pharmacology wrhuckle@vt.edu
Bradley G. Klein PhD, Neurobiology bklein@vt.edu
Kevin Lahmers DVM, PhD, Diplomate ACVP, Anatomic Pathology klahmers@vt.edu
Yong Woo Lee MS, PhD, Cardiovascular Physiology ywlee@vt.edu
Tanya LeRoith DVM, PhD, Diplomate ACVP, Anatomic Pathology tleroith@vt.edu
David M. Moore DVM, MS, Diplomate ACLAM,
(Associate Vice President for Research Compliance)
Nanda Nanthakumar PhD, Inflammatory Disease nanda@vt.edu
Geoffrey K. Saunders DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVP, Anatomic Pathology gsaun@vt.edu
Bonnie J. Smith DVM, PhD, Anatomy/Embryology bjsmith@vt.edu
Elankumaran Subbiah   MVSc, PhD, Diplomate ACVM, Virology kumarans@vt.edu
Lijuan Yuan MS, PhD, Immunology and Virology lyuan@vt.edu
Anne M. Zajac DVM, MS, PhD, Parasitology azajac@vt.edu
Kurt Zimmerman DVM, PhD, Diplomate ACVP, Clinical and Anatomic Pathology kzimmerm@vt.edu

Assistant Professors

Irving C. Allen PhD, Inflammatory Diseases icallen@vt.edu
Katie M. Boes DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVP, Clinical Pathology (clinical track) kmn@vt.edu
Clayton Caswell PhD, Bacteriology caswellc@vt.edu
Thomas Cecere DVM, PhD, Diplomate ACVP, Anatomic Pathology (clinical track) tcecere@vt.edu
Jia-Qiang He PhD, Stem Cell Physiology (Regenerative Medicine) jiahe@vt.edu
Sandra James-Yi PhD, Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences, Toxicology (Clinical Track) sandray8@vt.edu
Xin Luo PhD, Immunology xinluo@vt.edu
Sarah McDonald PhD, Virology, VTCRI mcdonaldsa@vtc.vt.edu
Ken Oestreich PhD, Immunology, VTCRI oestrk@vtc.edu
Zhi Sheng PhD, Molecular and Cell Biology, VTCRI zhisheng@vtc.vt.edu
Michelle Theus PhD, Neuroscience mtheus@vt.edu
Nicole M. Weinstein DVM, Diplomate ACVP, Clinical Pathology (clinical track) nweinste@vt.edu


Theresa Gillian MS, Biomedical Engineering theresag@vt.edu
Shireen Hafez DVM, PhD, Anatomy shafez@vt.edu
Carlos Trincado DVM, MS, Infectious Diseases tcarlos2@vt.edu

Special Research Faculty

Aloka B.P.A. Bandara PhD, Research Assistant Professor abandara@vt.edu
Dianjun Cao PhD, Research Scientist djcao@vt.edu
Rujuan Dai PhD, Research Scientist rdai05@vt.edu
Eda Erdogan PhD, Research Associate erdoge@vt.edu
Julie M. Green DVM, MS, Research Assistant Professor jmgreen@vt.edu
Mary E. Haac PhD, Postdoctoral Associate marichte@vt.edu
Theresa Hrubec DVM, PhD, Research Assistant Professor thrubec@vcom.vt.edu
Scott Kenney PhD, Sr. Research Associate spk151@vt.edu
Deena Khan PhD, Postdoctoral Associate dkhan@vt.edu
Guohua Li PhD, Research Scientist lguohua@vt.edu
Wen Li MD, MS, Research Scientist liwen@vt.edu
Shannon Matzinger PhD, Postdoctoral Associate mshann2@vt.edu
Athmaram Narayanappa PhD, Research Scientist athmaram@vt.edu
Christopher Overend PhD, Postdoctoral Associate coverend@vt.edu
M. Renee Prater DVM, PhD, Research Assistant Professor mrprater@vcom.vt.edu
Christopher Reilly PhD, Research Assistant Professor chreilly@vcom.vt.edu
Adam Rogers PhD, Postdoctoral Associate adamjr@vt.edu
Beverly Rzigalinski MS, PhD, Research Assistant Professor brzigali@vcom.vt.edu
Sakthivel Subramaniam PhD, Postdoctoral Associate sakthism@vt.edu
Debin Tian PhD, Postdoctoral Associate debint@vt.edu
Ke Wen PhD, Postdoctoral Associate wenke316@vt.edu

Pathology Residents

Marigold Ernst DVM, Clinical Pathology marigold@vt.edu
Sarah Hammond DVM, Clinical Pathology shammond@vt.edu
Pablo Piñeyro DVM, Anatomic Pathology pablop@vt.edu
Miranda Vieson DVM, Anatomic Pathology mvieson@vt.edu

Graduate Students

Jeffry Alexander Veterinary Medical Informatics jcalex01@vt.edu
Adria Allen Virology ajallen@vt.edu
Abdullah Awaysheh Pathology abod442@vt.edu
Thomas Brickler Stem Cell Physiology tomrb3@vt.edu
James Budnick Bacteriology jab5771@vt.edu
Tam Bui Immunology and Virology hibiscus@vt.edu
Qian Cao Molecular Virology qiancao@vt.edu
Nicholas Catanzaro Virology cata9270@vt.edu
Anna Champion Microbiology annac@vt.edu
Miao Chen Stem Cell Physiology miao13@vt.edu
Caitlin Cossaboom Virology cmcossa@vt.edu
Sheryl Coutermarsh-Ott Inflammatory disease slc2003@vt.edu
Catherine Cowan Immunology (parallel DVM/PhD student) crc3d@vt.edu
Jagadeeswaran Deventhiran Virology eeswar@vt.edu
Kristin Eden Virology keden@vt.edu
Marigold Ernst DVM, Clinical Pathology marigold@vt.edu
Kelly Freudenberger Bacteriology kcflogan@vt.edu
Kaavya Giridhar Neuroscience kaavya@vt.edu
Erwin Kristobal Gudenschwager Cell Biology kristoba@vt.edu
Sarah Hammond Clinical Pathology shammond@vt.edu
Alice Houk Parasitology aehouk@vt.edu
Anne Hyman Bacteriology vtmaroon@vt.edu
Gade Kimsawatde Bacteriology gade@vt.edu
Jacob Kocher Immunology and Virology jacobk09@vt.edu
Benjamin Ledford Stem Cell Pysiology btledfor@vt.edu
Shaohua Lei Virology lsh2013@vt.edu
Xiaofeng Liao Immunology xifeli@vt.edu
Dylan Mcdaniel Inflammatory disease dylan92@vt.edu
Allison McKell Biomedical Sciences aomckell@vt.edu
Vanessa Melin Biomedical Science ekvanes@vt.edu
Qinghui Mu Immunology qhmu@vt.edu
Benjamin Okyere Anatomic Pathology bokyere@vt.edu
Yu Pan Bacteriology pyu08@vt.edu
Briana Petruzzi Bacteriology bripet@vt.edu
Pablo Piñeyro DVM, Anatomic Pathology pablop@vt.edu
Haritha Potineni Biomedical Sciences haritha@vt.edu
Ashwin Ramesh Inflammatory Disease akramesh@vt.edu
Nicole Regna Bacteriology appleton@vt.edu
Owen Richmond Anatomic Pathology obr001@vt.edu
Thomas Rogers-Cotrone Virology (parallel DVM/PhD student) trogersc@vt.edu
Daniel Rothschild Inflammatory disease (parallel DVM/PhD student) danroth1@vt.edu
Meriam Saleh Parasitology msaleh1@vt.edu
Betsy Schroeder Bacteriology bschroed@vt.edu
Caroline Shea Biomedical Science cs031693@vt.edu
Lauren Sheehan Bacteriology xlaurro@vt.edu
Garrett Smith Bacteriology (parallel DVM/PhD student) gps17@vt.edu
Stephanie Todd Anatomic Pathology smtodd@vt.edu
Erica Twitchell Virology etwitche@vt.edu
Backiyalakshmi Ammayappan Venkatachalam Virology backiya@vt.edu
Miranda Vieson DVM, Anatomic Pathology mvieson@vt.edu
Steven Waldrop Bacteriology (parallel DVM/PhD student) stevenw3@vt.edu
Xingdong Yang Virology xingy86@vt.edu
Ruoix Yuan Immunology rxyuan@vt.edu
Danielle Yugo Molecular Virology mydan12@vt.edu

Emeritus Professors

Dennis J. Blodgett DVM, PhD, Diplomate ABVT, Toxicology dblodg@vt.edu
Stephen M. Boyle MS, PhD, Bacteriology smboyle@vt.edu
Donald O. Cordes BVSc, MS, MACVSc, Diplomate ACVP, Pathology dcordes@xtra.co.nz
Peter Eyre BVMS, PhD, MRCVS, Pharmacology
Former Dean
Bernard S. Jortner VMD, MS, Diplomate ACVP, Pathology bjortner@vt.edu
John C. Lee PhD, Physiology jclee@vt.edu
J. Blair Meldrum DVM, PhD, Toxicology bmeldrum@vt.edu
Hara P. Misra BVSc, MS, PhD, Diplomate ACFE, Biochemistry misra@vt.edu
Carl J. Pfeiffer MA, MS, PhD, Gastrointestinal
Pathophysiology/Cellular Ultrastructure
Thomas E. Toth DVM, PhD, Diplomate ACVCP, Virology ttoth@vt.edu

Adjunct Professors

Joseph Bassaganya-Riera DVM, PhD, Director, Laboratory of Nutritional Immunology & Molecular Nutrition, Virginia Tech jbassaga@vt.edu
Tiffany Borjeson DVM, Laboratory Animal Medicine borjeson@vt.edu
J. P. Dubey PhD, Senior Scientific Research Service, (ES-1), ARS, USDA jdubey@anri.barc.usda.gov
Mark R. Finkler DVM (Exotic Animal Medicine) finklerrah@cox.net
Marcelo A. Gomez Jaramillo PhD, Universidad Austral de Chile marcelogomez@uach.cl
Robert G. Gourdie PhD, Director, Cardiovascular & Regenerative Biology Center, VTCRI, Roanoke, VA gourdier@vtc.vt.edu
Qian Han DVM, PhD, Department of Biochemistry, Virginia Tech qianhan@vt.edu
Yaowei Huang PhD, Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China
Victoria Kok MLS, Professor, University Libraries
(Biomedical Library Science)
Liwu Li PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Biology LSI, Virginia Tech lwli@vt.edu
Yunbo Li MD, MPH, PhD, Pharmacology yli@campbell.edu
Robert MacPhail PhD, Research Psychologist rcmp13@vt.edu
David L. McRurer DVM, Director, Veterinary Sciences Wildlife Center of Virginia dmcrurer@wildlifecenter.org
Srinivas Rao DVM, PhD, Diplomate ACVP, Chief Laboratory Animal Medicine, NIH Bethesda, MD srao1@mail.nih.gov
Oscar Alejandro Peralta Troncoso PhD, Universidad Austral de Chile oscarperalta@uach.cl
Lynette Tobias DVM, PhD, Veterinary Medical Officer,
USDA, APHIS (Pathology)
Ramesh Vemulapalli PhD, Purdue University rvemulap@purdue.edu