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DBSP Research Strengths

The research interests of the faculty are diverse but several areas have developed into departmental strengths with good extramural funding from NIH, USDA, NOAA/Sea Grant, foundations, and industry:

Toxicology - This focus includes the subdisciplines of neurotoxicology, immunotoxicology, and environmental toxicology. The toxicology faculty meet monthly to discuss ongoing research, plan funding proposals for research and graduate students, etc.

Molecular Biology - This focus includes the subdisciplines of vaccine development, transgenics, molecular parasitology, molecular virology, and molecular mechanisms of infectious disease. This group enjoys the benefit of being housed together at the college's Center for Molecular Medicine and Infectious Diseases (CMMID), located on Price's Fork Road.

Medical Informatics - This focus includes the subdisciplines of applied veterinary medical nomenclature and computer-aided instruction.

Aquatic Medicine - This area of research focuses on the anatomy, histology, immunology, pathology, diseases, and therapeutics of commercially cultured finfish species, including foodfish (trout, catfish, tilapia, flounder, yellow perch, and striped bass), ornamental fish, bait fish and tropical fish. This program also has active research into the health and disease of horseshoe crabs.

It should be noted that, while the designations of faculty research areas above are useful descriptors, they are not inclusive of all faculty nor of all scholarly activity.