Vital Signs: July 2014

Vol. 3, Issue 6

Dean Cyril Clarke

Center for Public and Corporate Veterinary Medicine reorganized

Dear friends and colleagues,

I would like to share with you important changes affecting the Center for Public and Corporate Veterinary Medicine (CPCVM). The center is one of our distinctive programs that differentiates us from our peers. It provides educational opportunities for veterinary students who are interested in careers that do not involve private clinical practice. Its activities include instruction of didactic courses in public and corporate practice, advising students, coordinating senior veterinary student clerkships, and development of programs that advance public and corporate veterinary medicine nationally and internationally.

Because the majority of these activities involve direct interaction with veterinary students located on the Virginia Tech campus, administration of the center is being transferred from College Park, Maryland to Blacksburg, thus decreasing the need for faculty to travel frequently between the two campuses. Center director Dr. Valerie Ragan will be moving from College Park to Blacksburg in the early fall and another faculty member is being recruited to fill an open position that will be based at Virginia Tech. Both Dr. Ragan and the new appointee will be members of our Department of Population Health Sciences, which will further strengthen the linkages between the MPH and DVM programs and advance our commitment to One Health. Dr. Ragan will also have coordinating responsibility for the college’s international programs relevant to the center.

While the administration of the CPCVM is being moved to Blacksburg, it is vitally important that it maintain its close proximity to Washington, D.C. and the many federal and other agencies that are necessary for its success. To ensure that such proximity is maintained, three additional faculty positions will be maintained at our University of Maryland campus in College Park, including Dr. Nat Tablante, who will work with Associate Dean Siba Samal to advance the Center, offer pre-veterinary student advisement, and re-energize our engagement with corporate poultry medicine.

I am confident that this reorganization of the CPCVM will establish a foundation that enables it to achieve reputational excellence nationally and internationally. We recently established a memorandum of understanding with the American Veterinary Medical Association and the National Association of Federal Veterinarians to help increase the demand for public practice veterinarians and to provide training to prepare veterinarians for careers in public and corporate veterinary practice. The center will be key to achieving this goal, as it enhances and expands its activities in the areas of public health, public policy, international veterinary medicine, organizational leadership, and the One Health Initiative.

Dr. Cyril Clarke, Dean

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