Vital Signs: May 2014

Vol. 3, Issue 5

Dean Cyril Clarke

Taking a Good Look at Ourselves

Dear friends and colleagues,

The Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine is currently accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association’s Council on Education (COE). The council is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as the official accrediting body responsible for assuring that veterinary education meets the high standards expected by students and the public.

Continuing our accreditation requires favorable review of annual interim reports submitted to the COE and periodic on-site evaluation. Consistent with the normal seven-year cycle for comprehensive review, the college will be the subject of a COE site visit in October 2014.

In preparation for the visit, we are preparing a detailed self-study covering each of 11 accreditation standards. These standards relate to organization, finances, physical facilities and equipment, clinical resources, library and information resources, students, admission, faculty, curriculum, research programs, and outcomes assessment. A detailed description of these standards can be reviewed on the AVMA website.

When the near-final draft of the self-study is completed this summer, the college community will be invited to review it and submit any suggestions for improvement. The site visit team will meet with faculty, staff, students, and external stakeholders to confirm the accuracy of the self-study and to follow up on any questions they may have concerning our educational program.

It is important that all members of our community, including external stakeholders, be aware of the accreditation review and have an opportunity to participate. Please know that you are invited to comment on any aspect of our program that is relevant to meeting the accreditation standards. Your comments may be directed to the Dean’s Office at

Accreditation serves a very important function, assuring the quality of our educational program and enabling our graduates to meet licensing requirements. I look forward to sharing the many positive things happening at Virginia-Maryland Vet Med with the site visit team.

Dr. Cyril Clarke, Dean

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