Vital Signs: January 2014

Vol. 3, Issue 1

Capital Project Update

Dear friends and colleagues,

I am pleased to report that Virginia Tech has provided the college with funding to proceed with two planned capital projects. The first involves conversion of faculty offices in the current “cube farm” to enclosed offices. This project will improve the work environment for faculty and allow us to accommodate our Population Health Sciences faculty, who must vacate space in Sandy Hall later this year. Sufficient funding has been secured to accomplish the first phase, which will involve remodeling of the third floor space that is currently being occupied by clinical sciences faculty. A preliminary design has been developed in consultation with department heads and will soon be shared with faculty for their review and input.

The second project involves completion of the living-learning space encompassing the Student Commons, Vet Med Café, and library. Remodeling of the Commons and Café was completed last year. The final phase of this project will focus on the library. Study space available to students will be increased and space allocated to hard copies of books and journals will be reduced while expanding digital library resources. This new design will reflect the substantive changes in library usage that have occurred in recent years.

In addition, preparations are underway to ensure that the Veterinary Teaching Hospital is ready for an accreditation review scheduled for October of this year. Reorganization of the reception/business area has already been completed and a long list of deferred maintenance needs have been identified and will be addressed over the next six months.

These projects will improve our ability to provide a world-class education to our students and top-quality services to our clients. While we work through the logistics of improving our facilities, we will continue to carry out our important teaching, research, and service missions.

Dr. Cyril Clarke, Dean

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