Vital Signs: October 2013

Vol. 2, Issue 3

A Message from the Dean

Dear friends and colleagues,

I am penning my inaugural Vital Signs column as I complete my first month as dean of the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine. I feel privileged to work with such an outstanding community of learners, teachers, scientists, scholars, clinicians, and support staff. Each day I continue to meet new people and learn more about the impressive educational, research, and service programs of VA-MD Vet Med.

Since my arrival, I have had positive meetings with both veterinary practitioners and leaders from the regional Veterinary Medical Associations. These groups support our college by recruiting students, serving as mentors, referring cases (which are essential for our teaching mission), and assisting with our fundraising efforts.

I accepted the offer to leave a successful program in Oregon and move to Virginia because I believed that this college had an opportunity to be recognized for its reputational excellence in the top quartile of U.S. colleges of veterinary medicine. My experience thus far confirms this view.

Over the next six months, my priority areas will include further developing the partnership involving Virginia Tech and the University of Maryland; supporting faculty in their efforts to design a revised curriculum; expanding clinical education opportunities for veterinary students; advancing research and scholarship in translational medicine/comparative health sciences; and ensuring that the Equine Medical Center has a sustainable budgetary model that can support further development of its missions.

I’m asking for your assistance in advancing these important goals.

Cyril Clarke, Dean

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