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Office of Public Relations and Communications

The Office of Public Relations and Communications (OPRC) operates strategic communications, media relations and government relations programs designed to foster a positive operating environment for the college and assist in the development of operating resources from the public and private sectors. The OPRC operates communication programs for internal and external audiences that demonstrate how VA-MD Vet Medís learning, discovery and engagement programs contribute to the companion animal, agricultural, and biomedical research communities.

Public Relations Contacts

Sherrie Whaley
Sherrie Whaley
Director of Communications
(540) 231-7911

Michael Sutphin
Michael Sutphin
Public Relations Coordinator
(540) 231-6716

Web Communications Contacts

Alison Elward
Alison Elward
Assistant Director for
Interactive Media
(540) 231-7969

Jesse Janowiak
Jesse Janowiak
Web Developer / Designer
(540) 231-9005

Resources for Journalists

Design, Web, and Multimedia Services

The OPRC provides:

  • comprehensive web development and management services for the collegeís website.
  • creative, editorial and production services for electronic and print publications.

Legislative Relations

The office works closely with the Virginia Veterinary Medical Association (VVMA), the Maryland Veterinary Medical Association (MVMA), the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges and other organizations to help shape public policy at the state and federal level in a way that creates a better future for the college and the profession of veterinary medicine and the people and animals it serves.