Hospital receives new tonometer

BLACKSBURG, Va., Nov. 27, 2013 – Earlier this month, the Teaching Hospital’s Ophthalmology Service was the recipient of a new TonoVet tonometer donation, a specialty instrument that allows for easy measurement of animal eye pressure.

Dr. Phil Pickett and veterinary technician Terry Wnorowski, LVT (right), and animal care technician Nikki Hillinan (left), demonstrate the new tonometer on Prince, Pickett’s nine-year-old beagle.

The TonoVet was presented to Dr. Phil Pickett, professor of ophthalmology in the Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences, by Sandra Cassady, Mid-Atlantic Regional Manager for Jorgensen Laboratories, Inc. Jorgensen is the exclusive distributor for the hand-held portable device.

Using a TonoVet, six rapid measurements are automatically taken when a light probe makes momentary contact with the cornea. The method allows for rapid and accurate measurement without anesthetic or anxiety. According to Cassady, Pickett was one of the early adopters of the $3,200-$3,400 instrument. “We’ve enjoyed a strong relationship with Dr. Pickett from the very beginning,” Cassady explained. “His input and use of the TonoVet is invaluable.”

Jorgensen Labs selects four universities each year to donate a TonoVet to, then swaps it out for their oldest piece of equipment. Thank you for your donation, Jorgensen!

[Left] Sandra Cassady, Mid-Atlantic regional manager for Jorgensen Laboratories, Inc., listens as Dr. Phillip Pickett shares how much faculty, vet techs, and students enjoy using the TonoVet.

[Right] The TonoVet, which can be calibrated for various species, allows for easy and accurate measurement of animal eye pressure.