About the Information Systems Group

The Information Systems (IS) Group provides support for the information technology and information processing needs of the Virginia Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine. In addition to providing first line technical support to faculty, students, and staff, the IS Group develops and maintains a wide variety of applications that are essential to the function of the College and Hospital.

The College and Hospital have a wide variety of information systems ranging from web-based applications to hospital information systems, from desktop accounting systems to image management applications. The IS Group serves as technical consultants for all of these systems, and they often provide more detailed support through the in-house development of applications needed to support the daily functions of the College.

The IS Group is responsible for many aspects of the technology environment, including networks, IT security services, video teleconferencing, and other services. We also support technology deployment throughout the College, including research initiatives, hospital system upgrades, and a variety of technology enhancements that keep the College at the forefront of veterinary medicine.