Deans' Message

On behalf of the Virginia Tech Council of Deans, we extend our thanks to the faculty, staff, students and guests who participated in the Deans’ Forum on Infectious Diseases. We consider this event a resounding success. This was the fourth in a series of forums intended to showcase activities within the University targeted at issues of topical interest to society. Previous forums focused on energy and sustainability, on the environment, and on health, food and nutrition.

The topic for this forum was significant aspects of infectious diseases, including prevention and control, infectious diseases ecology and epidemiology, molecular pathogenesis, and host-pathogen interactions. The primary components of the forum included:

Please continue to use the information provided by the forum presentations, book of abstracts and website as a resource to further foster intercollege partnerships in learning, discovery and engagement. We encourage the broader dissemination of ideas and collaborations which can only lead to a more rapid and effective means of reaching our research goals.

Lay Nam Chang
Dean, College of Science

Gerhardt G. Schurig
Dean, Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine