College Center Rules & Regulations

  1. Except for cafeteria needs, the use of the college center is strictly limited to academic uses only. Example: study, classes, informational meetings, etc. No parties, dances, rallies, etc.
  2. The College of Veterinary medicine cannot assume liability for possible injury to persons or property resulting from this event.
  3. The possession and use of alcoholic beverages in center, complex, or grounds is strictly prohibited.
  4. Furniture arrangement in the room is the responsibility of the user. Tables and chairs must be returned in the condition in which they were found. Do not block exit ways with furniture. Access to the vending area cannot be blocked by chairs or other items (see attached floor plan). Fire exits must remain unobstructed.
  5. Permission for an outside banner on any building must be approved by the College. All inside banners, signs or similar decorations must be described on a Request Form (as a pdf document or as a Word document) and must receive prior College approval. Any banners or decorations must be secured without the use of nails, tape or glue.
  6. All trash must be removed from the Center and placed in the dumpster that is located at Dock C (see attached floor plan).
  7. Participant access to the College Center is only available through the main door from the Plaza (see attached floor plan) - other entrances should not be used. Vehicles must remain on roadway and park only where permitted as specified by University parking regulations. No vehicles are to be on the grass or sidewalks. If any items need to be unloaded, please do so by using Loading Dock C (see attached floor plan) at the back of Phase III. DO NOT bring vehicles onto sidewalk near the building. Vehicle owners must abide by VT parking regulations.
  8. Sale of food is prohibited by anyone other than University catering, state licensed caterers or by individuals with an approved permit which that is obtained through University Services.
  9. The restroom(s) are to be left in good condition.