Clinical Skills Laboratory

About the Clinical Skills Lab

The Clinical Skills Lab allows students to take part in safe and consistent clinical skills training on models and mannequins. This allows for repetitive practice of select veterinary skills. Through repetition and immediate feedback from staff and faculty, students can successfully integrate knowledge and skills learned in veterinary school.


The lab is located in room 105. The entrance is across from MDL-2.


The lab is open to students 24 hour a day / 7 days a week.

  • Students can receive instruction and immediate feedback on their skills when the lab is staffed. A staffing schedule is posted each month.
  • Students are able to use the lab during non-staffed hours. Each station has written directions and task sheets that explain the steps to each procedure.


Model of dog's head for mouth exams

Lab Models & Equipment

Using the models and equipment in the Skills Lab, students can practice techniques learned in labs throughout first, second, and third year, including:

  • venipuncture
  • bandaging
  • IV catheterization
  • endotracheal intubation
  • suturing
  • bovine rectal palpation
A student practicing stitching on foam rubber

Lab Guidelines & Rules

  • Please sign in on the front door and note which stations you use. These sign-in sheets help us track the popularity of each station, frequency of model use, and need for replacement.
  • Reset each station that you use when you finish and clean up your own area. Discard trash in the trash cans and sharps and syringes in the sharps container. Cleaning spray and paper towels are kept on the shelves in the lab.
  • It is imperative that the lab be kept clean between uses and that the models are maintained appropriately in order to help them last longer.
  • Please provide feedback using the sheet at the entrance of the lab. The more the lab is used, and the more it helps you with your clinical skills, the more likely the lab will continue to grow and obtain more models.
  • Please do not take supplies or models from the lab without prior permission from the lab manager. Most of the supplies in the lab are donated expired materials. Therefore, they may not be used on live animals.

Lab Reservations, Tours & Equipment Loan

Please contact the lab manager at 540-231-1267 in order to:

  • Reserve the lab in advance for wetlabs or review sessions
  • Schedule tours for prospective students, schools, camps, and clubs
  • Schedule time for clinical-year students to practice techniques, with stations and supplies set up prior to arrival
  • Borrow a model for a course or for a club wetlab, and schedule assistance from an MDL faculty member if needed

Suggest New Equipment

If you are aware of a Clinical Skills model that would be helpful in a current course, you can request that the model be added to the Skills Lab budget by filling out the Proposal for Model form.