International Activities
International Engagement VA-MD Vet Med

Student Testimonials

The following testimonies and pictures (PDF) have been submitted by various students involved in International Activities at VA-MD Vet Med.

Brianna Wilson One World, One Medicine, One Health: Summary of Dominican Republic Externship
by Brianna Wilson, Class of 2010

Lindsey McCrickard Universidad Austral de Chile Valdivia, Chile
by Claire Simeone and Lindsey McCrickard, Class of 2011

Amandeep Palarwal Visit to UMD
by Amandeep Palarwal, exchange student from India

Lindsey McCrickard Tzucacab, Mexico (journal entries)
by Lindsey McCrickard, Class of 2011

Alida Kinney Project Yucatan (journal entries)
by Alida Kinney, Class of 2010

H Groch Project Yucatan (pictures)
by H Groch, Class of 2010

Kelly Zeytoonian Tunkas, Mexico
by Kelly Zeytoonian, Class of 2009

Melinda Cep Valdivia, Chile
by Melinda Cep, Class of 2009

Sarah Beck Valdivia, Chile
by Sarah Beck, Class of 2007

Maggie Doley Study Tour in Peru
by Maggie Doley, Class of 2008

Hari Mohan Saini Visit to VA-MD Vet Med
by Hari Mohan Saini, exchange student from India

Pawan Chahal Visit to UMD
by Pawan Chahal, exchange student from India

Pawan Chahal Pignon and Matabonite Haiti
by Jonathan Dohanich, Class of 2008