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2011 International Travel Spotlight

Montevideo and Paysandu, Uruguay - June 2011

UruguayDr. Valerie Ragan, director of the Center for Public and Corporate Veterinary Medicine, traveled to Montevideo and Paysandu, Uruguay to discuss brucellosis control and eradication at the invitation of the Uruguayan Ministry of Agriculture, and as an invited speaker at the XV Latin-American and XXXIV Uruguayan Buiatric Congress.

Ragan was briefed on Uruguay's brucellosis program by ministry officials, including the current status and proposed plans for enhancing brucellosis surveillance and eradication efforts in Uruguay. Ragan then provided a response regarding strengths and weaknesses of the program and future plans, as well as suggestions for enhancement. The meeting was led by the Director General for Veterinary Services. Ministry official veterinarians from throughout the country were present for the discussions.

Ragan and ministry officials met with representatives from a number of Uruguayan farm organizations and veterinarian associations to discuss the brucellosis program and future planning, and to answer questions. They also visited two brucellosis-affected farms; a beef farm and a large dairy farm, to discuss their status and recommendations for brucellosis management with the farm managers and veterinarians.

Ragan and ministry officials then traveled to Paysandu, Uruguay, where Ragan delivered two presentations at the XV Latin-American and XXXIV Uruguayan Buiatric Congress. The Uruguayan Minister of Agriculture attended Ragan's lectures, and requested a meeting afterwards, where the Uruguayan brucellosis program was discussed and the Minister requested Ragan's possible assistance with further efforts.