1.     Definitions of Ischemia, Infarction Hypoxia and Anoxia
2.     Occlusion of Left Circumflex Coronary Artery
3.     Experimental Protocol
4.     Methylene Blue Experiments
5.     Alterations in Myocardial Flow Associated with Acute Coronary Occlusion
6.     Metabolic Consequences of Ischemia on Myocardium
7.     Metabolic Reactions that Consume Energy in Severe Ischemia
8.     Adenine Nucleotide Catabolism in Severe Ischemia
9.     Timing of Onset of Irreversibility
10.    Reversible and Irreversible Ischemic Injury
11.    Ultrastructural Changes of Reversible and Irreversible Injury
12.    Nonischemic Control Myocardium: Ultrastructure
13.    Irreversibly Injured Ischemic Myocardium: Ultrastructure
14.    Irreversibly Injured Ischemic Myocardium: Mitochondrial Amorphous Matrix Densities
15.    Effects of Reperfusion on Ischemic Myocardium
16.    Contraction Band Necrosis: Ultrastructure
17.    Contraction Band Necrosis: Mitochondrial Granular Matrix Densities
18.    Cause of Cell Death in Ischemia
19.    The Release of Cardiac Enzymes and Proteins to Plasma