Goal & Objectives


Case #1: Serous Inflammation

1)   Burn Injury: Gross View
2)   Burn Injury: Medium Power Micoscopic View
3)   Serous Inflammation: What Is It?

Case #2: Fibrinous Inflammation

1)   Fibrinous Inflammation: What Is It?
2)   Normal Pericardium: Gross View
3)   Diagram of Serofibrinous Pericarditis
4)   Serofibrinous Pericarditis: Gross View
5)   Fibrinous Pericarditis ("Bread & Butter Pericarditis"): Gross View
6)   What is a "Pericardial Friction Rub"?
7)   Fibrinous Pericarditis: Low Power Microscopic View
8)   Outcomes of Fibrinous Inflammtion

#3: Suppurative Inflammation

1)   Suppurative Inflammation: What Is It?
2)   Abscess, Phlegmon, & Empyema
3)   Normal Appendix: Gross View
4)   Leukocytosis in a Peripheral Blood Smear
5)   Appendix as removed: Gross View
6)   Appendix as removed: Low-power Microscopic View
7)   Appendix as removed: Medium-power Microscopic View of Mucosa
8)   Appendix as removed: High-power Microscopic View of Muscularis showing Inflammatory Cells
9)   CBC Findings as they relate to the Gross & Microscopic Appearance
10)  Diagram of the "Left Shift"
11)  Acute Appendicitis Caused by Obstruction of the Lumen

Case #4: Ulcerative Inflammation

1)   Ulcerative Inflammation: What Is It?
2)   Normal Stomach: Gross View
3)   Chronic Peptic Ulcer of the Stomach: Gross View
4)   Chronic Peptic Ulcer of the Stomach: Low-power Microscopic View
5)   Pseudomembranous Inflammation: What Is It?
6)   Pseudomembranous Inflammation: Gross View