This site (and the DVD that duplicates it) contain all necessary files for the exercises. (You do not need to be connected to the Internet to use the DVD.) There are a very few links to sites outside this one which do require an Internet connection, but these are optional and dispensible. All you need to access the software is a browser (the site is optimized for Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher, at a screen size of 1024 x 768 pixels) and Adobe Acrobat.

To use the material, whether from this site or the DVD, simply open the file VM8054HP.htm in your browser. That page will link you to all the Administrative material, the Lab Exercises, and the accompanying Lecture materials (in Acrobat format). You may wish to bookmark the opening page in your browser for faster access.

If you're working with the DVD, the software will run faster if you copy it, in its entirety, to your hard drive. Simply use the Copy command to put the entire intact folder VM8054 in some convenient location on your drive. Then create a bookmark or shortcut to the opening page on your hard drive. By clicking on that it will open the site. You'll need to have separate shortcuts for the on-line version and the disk version.

The principal difference between the on-line version and the disk version is that the on-line site always contains the latest material: for example, as lectures are updated, the PDF copies to which each lab is linked will be replaced on line first; the disk will always have the previous year's version. Otherwise the two are identical.

Please note that some of the pictures have colored borders. These are interactive images: if you scroll your cursor over them you'll pop up a new image or some labeling to guide your understanding of the material. Here's an example: scroll over the cartoon to see a different one.