VM8054 Veterinary Histology

Contacting Me:

Author: Dr. Thomas Caceci

I am available to answer questions and clear up fuzzy points almost any time. I keep no formal office hours, but during the working day, I can usually be found in my office or lab in the Phase II building (Biomedical Sciences Department). My personal lab is room 271, but you may find me in the Morphology Lab suite. Generally the technicians there will know where to find me. I can also be paged (when I'm not in class) by calling the College switchboard at 231-7666. After working hours, I can be reached at my home at 951-5053; but I ask that you not call after 9:00 PM unless it's a genuine emergency.

The best way to get in touch with me is via the University e-mail network. You can send a message to me by e-mail. My e-mail address for this course is doctorc@vt.edu. I check my e-mail several times a day and will usually respond to such messages in writing within a few hours of their receipt.

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VM8054 Veterinary Histology