VM8054 Veterinary Histology


Author: Dr. Thomas Caceci

This electronic Lab Manual for VM8054 was made possible through the very generous support of the Virginia Tech Center for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching and the Center for Innovative Learning, the Department of Biomedical Sciences & Pathobiology, Virginia Tech's Institute for Distance & Distributed Learning, and the J. William Fulbright Foundation.

Over the years since the first electronic version appeared in 1995, grants and in-kind support from these organizations permitted me to take the time needed to revise and expand my old paper notes, and to convert the course material to Hypertext Markup Language for use with WWW browsers. I hope that their leadership will make this only one of many efforts to adapt new technologies to the ancient profession of teaching, and am deeply am deeply grateful for their confidence in the success of this project.

Special credit for the revision of the core of the later revisions (beginning with Version 2.0 in July 1998) goes to Dr. Rania Lisas, Dr. Diane Heinz, and Dr. Angie Billings, all of the VMRCVM Class of 2000. They were the busy bees behind the transformation of money into the latest version of this software. Dr. Blaise Burke, Class of 2001, integrated it with Dr. John Robertson's General Pathology material in a separate package.

Special thanks go to Mr. Terry Lo, a former graduate student in the College of Veterinary Medicine, who had the thankless task of digitizing most of the images used here. His diligence saved me months of work, and I'm deeply appreciative of the time he put into this project.

The staff of the VMRCVM's Multidisciplinary Laboratory, are also high on the list of people to whom credit must be given for making the course a success. The MDL staff have been with this course from its inception in 1989, and without their indefatigable help, both the course and I would collapse within a week. It's no more than the literal truth that without them, the faculty would never know where they were supposed to be, or when they were supposed to be there. Ms. Pam Orcutt, the former Supervisor for the MDL, was an organizational genius who juggled schedules and room assignments so beautifully that none of us instructors ever got in each other's way, and interceded with the Powers That Be for new equipment and instructional space. Upon her retirement she was replaced by Ms. Susan Tolliver, who has carried on the MDL tradition of service above and beyond the call of duty.

Various MDL staff members have been assigned to the course over the years:

Ms. Pam Arnold
Mr. Bruce Berggren-Thomas
Ms. Nancy Parks-Brisendine
Mr. David Brotman
Ms. Anne Clapsaddle
Mr. Jesse Cobb
Ms. Belinda Corell-Berckman
Ms. Mary Nickle
Ms. Jenny Sutphin
Ms. Elizabeth Sherfy
Ms. Nancy Tenpenny
Mr. Josh Wilson

These dedicated people have ave the unenviable tasks of seeing that all the slides are sorted out into boxes properly, and accounted for; setting up the labs with A/V equipment and microscopes; and of putting up and taking down the equipment for practical exams. They carry out this drudgery with a cheeriness and good humor that actually makes it seem like they enjoy lugging a couple of tons of hardware back and forth between buildings every week. Their service has been a jewel beyond price, and the course wouldn't work at all if it weren't for such people and the pride they take in their work.

Over the years I've had a number of teaching assistants and graduate students who have also been valuable resources for me and for my students: to tell them what they were doingb right and to tell me what I was doing wrong:

Dr. Wynne DiGrassie
Dr. Hany A. El-Habback
Dr. Shireen A. Hafez
Dr. Melinda Pomeroy-Black
Ms. Amy Wang
Mr. Swamy Siddaramappa

I'm also obliged beyond measure to Mr. David Chubb and his boss, Dr. Wally Schwab, both formerly of our College Information Resources Office. As our resident Computer Guru until his retirement, Wally's advice and guidance were invaluable, and the transition from paper to CD would have been impossible without his expert help.

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VM8054 Veterinary Histology