Fund Information

To aid in the allocation of gifts, we have listed names and account numbers of funds that are our greatest areas for growth and that are popular for giving. Please note the fund name or number in the comments section of your check or online donation to ensure your gift is correctly allocated.

If you have an interest in supporting an area not listed, please contact the Development Office at 540-231-0465 or for more information. We have many more funds than the main funds listed on this page.

Operations Funds

Compassionate Care Fund - Account #875294

Sometimes financial resources are not as abundant as the love we feel for our companion animals. In these situations, the Compassionate Care Fund can assist with cost of care for Veterinary Teaching Hospital patients. The fund provides financial support when a successful outcome and good quality of life are likely following treatment, but an animal’s owners are either unknown or cannot afford that treatment.

Veterinary Research Donor Wall

The Veterinary Research Donor Wall recognizes contributions to support the college’s clinical research efforts. In the fall of 2015, the veterinary college installed the donor wall near the small animal entrance to the Veterinary Teaching Hospital to recognize specially designated contributions of $2,500 and above. These gifts support a new endowment for our clinical research efforts across the college.

More information about the Donor Wall >

Translational Medicine Complex Fund - Account #873921

The Translational Medicine Complex Fund supports the Dean’s goal to realize the vision of three new buildings. This complex now includes a laboratory building to carry out basic research and an instructional facility to help us serve the increased number of students in our classes. The remaining project is the construction of a translational medicine building to expand the Teaching Hospital and to enable the discovery of new treatment protocols.

Endowed Faculty Chairs

The college is fortunate to have faculty of such renown that they are constantly being courted by other institutions. It is our goal to provide both the prestige and the additional support to ensure that our brightest and best remain here.

Equine Medical Center - Account #881452

The Equine Medical Center in Leesburg is a world-class facility serving equine clients in the mid-Atlantic region. While the center has kept pace with the acquisition of state-of-the-art biomedical equipment, the hospital facility itself is in need of attention and has not had a major renovation since opening in 1984.

DVM Student Support - Account #883194

The cost of higher education has gone up dramatically over the years. To ensure that our students are not handicapped with unreasonable debt, our scholarship support is crucial. Currently we award $700,000 to $1 million each year in student support. We increased our class size by 25 percent in 2012, and we need to similarly increase our ability to support our students.

Experiential Learning

Our mission is to continue to offer the best curriculum and experiences to make our students competitive upon graduation. We have an opportunity to partner with the Humane Society of D.C. to provide more real-life, hands-on experience for our students in a busy urban setting. Funds are being raised to help house students who opt to embrace this opportunity.

Dean's Fund for Excellence - Account #882443

This is a fund of unrestricted dollars used to maintain a margin of excellence in many ways. This fund is used at the Dean’s discretion to facilitate the initiatives that are the college’s most current priorities.

Veterinary Memorial Fund - Account #883001

Contributors to this fund include veterinarians and pet owners around the region. This donation is often made in memory of a cherished pet, or in honor of a pet or person, such as an honored veterinarian. The fund aids in the healing process because it makes a positive situation out of a negative one by supporting the education of future veterinarians and contributing new knowledge to the profession through the support of research at the college.

More information about the Veterinary Memorial Fund >

VA-MD Vet Med Veterinary Teaching Hospital - Account #883193

Our Veterinary Teaching Hospital provides primary and specialized medical care to large and small animals in the region and beyond. Using state-of-the-art technology and the latest research discoveries, board certified specialists and licensed veterinary technicians provide excellent care to our patients and hands-on training for residents, interns, and fourth-year DVM students.

Research - Account #883212

This fund supports our researchers, who are conducting a broad spectrum of research focused on advancing animal, human, and environmental health, and training future researchers and veterinarians.