Small Animal Residency and Internship Programs

Small Animal Medicine and Surgery Internship

Internships are designed to provide one year of intense, post-DVM, clinical training in small animal medicine and surgery.

Small Animal Residencies

Residencies are designed to provide 3-4 years of advanced, in-depth training in specific disciplines in preparation for certification examination by appropriate specialty boards within the veterinary profession. Most residents will enroll in the Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences (BMVS) Graduate Program and complete a graduate degree (MS or PhD).

The Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences has a single, generic residency program description that sets forth a basic program description. Supplemental to the generic document, each discipline provides a specific program description unique to that discipline.

Discipline-Specific Program Descriptions and Contact Information

The following program descriptions are provided in PDF format.

Seminar Program

Interns and residents in the Department participate twice yearly in a Departmental Intern/Resident Seminar Program that is designed to provide experience and instruction in the preparation and delivery of scientific material to a peer audience. Residents are further encouraged to make presentations at various seminars and scientific meetings, both internally and externally.

Questions about the Matching Program?

Please visit the website for the Veterinary Internship and Residency Matching Program, sponsored by the American Association of Veterinary Clinicians, to learn more about the matching process.