Laboratory Animal Medicine Clerkship & Externship Opportunities

Institution Unit & Location Comments
Covance Laboratories, Inc Laboratory Animal Medicine Dept
Vienna, VA
Laboratory animal medicine in support of an industrial toxicology testing and evaluation contract program; principal model is the rat, but other species are used as appropriate.
Johns Hopkins University Division of Comparative Medicine
Baltimore, MD
Laboratory animal medicine and comparative medicine in support of broad based biomedical research in academia; multiple species.
National Institutes of Health National Heart, Lung, & Blood Institute
Bethesda, MD
Laboratory animal medicine in support of extensive heart, lung, and blood research programs; involvement in ongoing preparation of animal models for use in protocols, including microsurgical techniques; exposure to animal use protocol requirements.
National Institutes of Health Veterinary Resources Programs
Bethesda, MD
Multiple lab animal sub-specialty areas (canine, feline, porcine, small ruminants, primates, rodents, surgery, etc); clerkships developed based on student's background and interests. Includes opportunities in Bethesda and Poolesville, MD.
University of Maryland School of Medicine Dept of Comparative Medicine
Baltimore, MD
Laboratory animal medicine support for biomedical research in Schools of Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacy; research in department includes bacterial gastroenteritis, monoclonal antibodies, pathology, and tissue culture.
University of Texas Health Science Center Center for Laboratory Animal Medicine & Care
Houston, TX
Laboratory animal medicine in support of a broad based biomedical research program in academia; multiple species maintained.
USDA, ARS Research Animal Service
Beltsville, MD
Laboratory animal medicine in support of agriculture research, mainly nutrition and parasitology; primary animals used are cattle, goats, and sheep. Some involvement in surgical preparation of animal models.
Wake Forest University Department of Pathology's Section on Comparative Medicine
Winston-Salem, NC
The Section on Comparative Medicine offers clinical residency programs in Veterinary Pathology, Laboratory Animal Medicine, and Nonhuman Primates as well as research fellowships in Comparative Medicine.

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